Penny Stoil

Founder and Director

Penny Stoil co-founded Projects Plus Inc. in 1972 with Fran Liner after 15 years each as Vice President of Berend Associates.  Now, with President and CEO Pat De Sibio, Co-Directors Paul Reitz and Donnie Manetta, with a highly-trained staff, PPI manages more than 25 major fundraising events annually.  During her long and stellar career in the field – aided by her background in writing and public relations -- Penny has helped manage hundreds of fund-raising galas.


Since its inception, PPI has been responsible for directing more than 900 major special events in New York and in other locations around the country including:  Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Dallas, Palm Beach, Newark and Washington D. C. Currently, PPI-directed events generate between 25 and 35 million dollars annually; and they have raised a record sum – more than $800,000,000 in aggregate for their clients over the past 45 years.


Penny Stoil has been actively involved with the Association of Fund-Raising Professionals (AFP) since its founding, and is a member of AFP’s Board of Directors, on which she has served proudly for  more than 45 continuous years.  She is one of only three persons to have been elected as an Honorary Member of its Board. 

She taught Special Events at the New School and NYU for the Chapter’s fundraising courses for a decade, and is one of the Founders of Fund Raising Day in New York.  She has been part of FRD’s Executive Committee since its beginning, and serves each year with Pat De Sibio as Co-Chairs of its Arrangement’s Committee, which with the full participation of the PPI staff has helped to manage each Fundraising Day since its founding. 


She is a recipient of the prestigious Sanky Perlowin Award, presented to her by Women in Development (WID), and was AFP’s prestigous Ralph Chamberlain Award. In addition to the Board of the Association of Fund Raising Professionals, she serves on the Board of Directors of the Veteran Feminists of America.